Vendor Application

Vendor Application

Interested in becoming a VENDOR at OXIDE? 

Are you a craftsperson- maker- artist in the state of Virginia? OR Do you know someone who is?

We have always had about 20 craftspeople represented within the shop here but we would like to transition into being a strickly VIRGINIA based maker shop. Jam pack it with all different kinds of unique, quirky, fun and fantactic- MADE BY HAND items.

We are looking to add all kinds: cards, jewelry, accessories, fiber, felt, wood, glass, metal, home goods etc. THESE ITEMS WOULD BE ON CONSIGNMENT. There is no booth fee or application fee. Items sold would be totalled at the end of the month and Oxide would send you either a check or a paypal payment.

We will take 25% of your retail price for our shop costs and overhead.

5% will go to a Virginia based charity that each craftsperson gets to choose on a rotating basis.

And 70% of retail price goes to the maker.

Take the time to fill out an application today! and we will get back to you shortly. We are planning a big birthday celebration that will include a relaunch of our revamped shop. Mark your calenders for Saturday NOVEMBER 12th.

Please contact us with any questions, comments or concerns:

Here is a link to our Vendor Application